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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speaks 3

Hey y'all.

We look forward to helping you e-shoppers sell your clothes that you've bought in any e-boutiques! We totally and absolutely understand how sometimes, the clothes just don't fit!

You may never know: one girl's junk is another girl's treasure.

Also, e-mail us your WORST experiences and BEST experiences with blog shops. We planned to do a blog entry about such. :)

Cheri Chapsticks.


We apologize ever so deeply of our sudden and unexpected hiatus. A few unpleasant happenings occurred but no worries, we're back and we miss the shopping-sphere so much!

Style Me Hot

This shop disappeared but now they are totally back again with many chiffon-like goodies! Absolutely cool in our hot hot weather these days. They brought in a floral top which made us so tempted to get one for ourselves! Suitable for work (match in with a high waisted skirt) and play (shawty shorts!).

Apple Cabin

We all need our basic tops. One basic white-tee. Absolutely versatile with practically anything. A summer dress, high waisted skirts, shorts, jeans ohmygoodyness absolutely anything. And going at RM 18? *compared to the ones at TOPSHOP gahhhh!*

A FittingRoom Boutique

Florals! And in red too! So what if Chinese New Year is over? One thing we like about the colour red that it really compliments our skin colour well! No matter if you're fair or tanned! Teehee. Oooh, psst, we saw them selling a top exactly the same as a very well-known boutique in Bangsar and at half-the-price too!

Lady Like

They are having massive markdowns! Get more clothes with that angpao money of yours! Selling at RM35, love the blue shade and the simplistic designs! Perfect for that walk on a beach with sunnies!

Oooh, and not forgetting spaghetti straps with cartoon prints! Ditch the typical spag and get this! And it comes in 5 yummy colours! Love the black one especially!

Wear U Style

We fell in love with it! We love the sleeves and the detail at the neck! Plus, based on our observations, it'll look amazing with high waisted denim shorts. Only one piece per colour, eeek!


Last but definitely not least, a newbie! Love this top they brought in. It just looks so pretty and sweet! And in such ethereal white. Look closer and you'll see little blings at the straps!!! At RM 33, get yours now, there is only one left!

Once again, we LOVE heartkisseshugs feedback. Email us at cherichapsticks@gmail.com!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We have been addicted to manga! Ooooh, how geeky of us. ;)

Coco Goddess

They have brought in loads of updates! We personally love the knitted wear vest like item. Its so unique yet versatile enough to jazz up any outfit! Wear it with a dress, boyfriend shirt, long top, jeans, ohmycheri the possibilities are endless! Oh, we also spotted a very very very sweet kimono dress. Totally different from those simple, printed basic design ones? Have you looked at the frills at the bottom of a dress? Kimono yet, slightly cowgirl!

Orange Little

We love this piece! Heehee. We seem to be gone a bit western crazy lately. But this is absolutely Wild Wild West. A half jacket at the same time! Wear it a t-shirt, spag or tankies. *giggles* Or wear it just on its own at the clubs for that daredevil streak of yours!

We Heart Sundays

Wow. Wow, WOW! A leather yet futuristic jacket! It just screams the Veronicas! *The Veronicas is a rock band fyi* Be a lil daring and wear it with biker boots or gladiators. We love love love it!

Le Femme Fatale

Graphic Tees! Why bother dressing up when you can just throw this on with a pair of skinny jeans? You'll look absolutely chic! Pair it up with loadsa bangles and black eyeliner and you'll look awesome! Going at RM 25, snap it up now!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Re-energized for another week of reviews!

Purple Peppermint

Cropped jackets galore! In such cutie cutie colours! Although the black one has been snapped away at Absolute Bazaar, but no fret! There are 3 more colours still available! Absolutely suitable for all kind of wear: college, uni, work, mall, date.. You name it!


Shoes and in plaid designs too! I went absolutely crazy with it when I got the update. I love the heel so cute! Plus, this pair is just at the right height for us to walk hours in, don't you think? *grins*


They labeled their clothes based on the characters from One Tree Hill! I'm such a huge fan of One Tree Hill, mainly, Nathan Scott. :) This piece here is titled as Haley James-Scott! The top totally suits her personality. Sweet and yet with a lil artistic edge!

We crave feedback! E-mail us at cherichapsticks@gmail.com!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Our new logo is up! Without the TCC as stated earlier. All those blogs who have linked us, please relink us back! Sorry for any inconvenience!


I love the black sequins at the bust. Totally formal, clubby and delicious at the same time, don't you think? Oooh, we love the magic versatility of this one. Suitable as a dress and a top too! And we girls, we love multi-functional tops especially this little number! If you're looking for an LBD, this is for you!

Dolce Vita

Corsets!!! I love the way corsets always change the way your whole body look. Narrows your waist, vanishes your stomach and *giggles* enhance your bust! Absolutely suitable for the naughty cheeky girls can?

Cat In A Bowl

I was lucky to catch her on time! Her stuff usually sells like hot cakes! She updated with Chinese New Year inspired goodies! I adore all her classics cheong sams which are so unique and so appropriate for our upcoming festival. And this tube dress, that is one dress you don't see everyday! *giggles* Visit Cat In A Bowl now before it all gets snapped away!


*Note: this site sells pre-owned items* Love the batwing sleeves. Love the colour black. Love the swishy swishy dream-like movements you'll make when you wear this number!

VIOLET is bushed from all the non-stop activity and drama this weeked. Phew!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sorry dearies for the lack of updates yesterday!

However, before we start on our basic reviews, we would like to inform everyone of our decision to change our LINKING BUTTON! Due to certain similarities with an e-shop, we think it is best if we placed a disclaimer at the top. CHERI CHAPSTICKS is 100% have no relations with any e-shops.

Furthermore, the acronym TCC (used to stand as Team Cheri Chapsticks) will no longer be used due to various reasons. We shall no longer talk in plural forms. And instead, we are now called *singular* VIOLET. (We understand its a lame name but we had no time to think of a nice one!)

So, please read the disclaimer before commenting in our e-mail. :)

Bag Lovers

Currently, its my favourite store for bags! Imported bags from overseas that are ready in stock. I love those extra special bags you don't see anywhere. Plus, reading those awesome past buyers comments totally reassures me. :) I love how the owners restock bags of all sizes to suit their customers needs and desires. Most of their stock is usually snapped away quickly! Get your favourite now to avoid disappointment. Sorry for the small pictures though!

A Model Xcess

I love the quilted material of the bag! And who can forget the ying yang colours! Extremely suitable for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-like girls who enjoys stuffing every single necessity inside. This is the bag for you! And at such a cheap price, oh, a steal!

Oooh, its my turn to review the Absolute Bazaar! Loved it super duper much. Such cheap bargains anyway. However, due to heehee financial difficulties, I only managed to get a handbag from Dandelion Kisses and a skirt from Dressing Lab!

Thank you, Dandelion Kisses and Dressing Lab!

Picture of our new baby skirt from Dressing Lab! We wanted to find a picture of the bag we got from Dandelion Kisses but we failed. :(

Much love, from VIOLET.

sneaky peeks

Violet here taking over while the rest of the TCC's are away at bazaars. Nonetheless, we have information! *Mission impossible theme*


Mezzanine will be updating tonight and we've got a chance to show you a lil sneak peek of what they have in store for you!

We love the sneekpeeks so far. Strappy Gladiators galore don't you think? Me, personally, love the final gladiator heel. OH. The height and the buckles!

Much love, from Violet from TCC.

Friday, January 16, 2009

TCC Speaks

TCC wishes to thank everyone for their continuous support! We are absolutely overwhelmed by our received e-mails and unique visits. Teehee! However, beside just reviewing fashion and linking, TCC often addresses issues to e-shopping! So this will be our first word-only post. Do take the time to read it yea.

We came across many many many shops who advertise in other e-shop's chatboxes. Okay, we aren't saying there is anything wrong with that. Nonetheless, we noticed some e-shops advertise in other chatboxes but do not have any chatboxes on their own website. Isn't this a bit selfish? Plus, we personally saw a blogshop feud between Shop A and Shop B regarding this matter!

Apparently A advertised in B's chatbox and B advertise in A's chatbox. However, B deleted A's advertisement for no particular reason DESPITE advertising in A's chatbox.

Seriously, shop owners, is it too hard to just set up a chatbox for advertisements only? Please do not advertise on other people's chatbox and disallow any advertisement on your own blog. So hypocritical can?

Of course, many have taken the initiative to set up two separate chatbox (one for enquiries and one for adverts). We applaud you! Although occasionally, a message meant for one chatbox often transfers to the other for no particular reason. We have gone through many glitches ourselves trying to inform owners that they have been reviewed!

Oooh, bazaars galore this weekend! Yay!

We adore feedback! cherichapsticks@gmail.com

16/1/2009 Devilish

We're in a habit of scheduling our posts because we have our own personal lives. So, any e-shops featured will be e-mailed before hand as part of our policy. So blog-shop owners, please don't get freaked out when you:-

1. received an email from Cheri Chapsticks
2. go to http://cherichapsticks.blogspot.com
3. found out that you have not been reviewed

Okay, onforth to our next theme: Devilish!

Devilish- De-vil-ish
1. of, like, or befitting a devil; diabolical; fiendish.
2. extreme; very great: a devilish mess.
3. excessively; extremely: He's devilish proud.

Girls, we just love to be a bit cheeky at times, don't we? Miss Blogger here for instance, adores practical jokes and a bit of cheek to the boyfriend. Teehee. :)

White Corsage

We usually just browse through these kind of shops but we ADORE White Corsage. We totally love their style. :) We love the cropped jacket in cream! Absolutely biker-chic but at such a feminine colour. Oh and we adore their maroon off-shoulder as well. Personally, we despise purple clothes but maroon, that's a different story! Love the embellishment at the colour. Laidback designs we love 'em!

The Closette

Oh. Dresses! In two toned to! Love the simplicity. Love the thigh hugging hem! Hint: When a dress is elastic around the thighs, one is supposed to lift them slightly higher for that curvaceous effect! Show off those pretty legs with this number!

Phe-Lau-Wer Boutique

Only available in blue. This is the epitome of devilish! A shocking midnight blue with sequins to shine for that star in you! Wear it for clubs and dates at night to get that attention from everyone! Plus, the price has been reduced. EEK! Get yours now!

Loves, TCC.

16/1/2009 Angelic

Today our updates will be themed Angelic and Devilish. Sometimes, we girls just want to be all sunshine sweetness and sometimes, we'll get cheeky!

Angelic - an-gel-ic:
1. of or belonging to angels: the angelic host.
2. like or befitting an angel, esp. in virtue, beauty, etc.: angelic sweetness.

We enjoy being ethereal and elegant! To occasionally act like a princess with the heehee boyfriend. To be a bit mysterious yet full of charm at the same time.

Lacquer & Lace

We love love love this piece like a gazillion times. Its truly the type of dress that you'll want to wear to a garden wedding or a tea party! Although TCC admits that this item has been reviewed at other blogs before, but we really really think that it is suitable for our angel theme. Psst: One of us are actually looking for a piece herself but she only does COD!

Arena Of Clothes

Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity. Can't go wrong with simplicity. With a row of tiny tiny diamantes at the bust, the top is so pretty! Plus it hides our bulging tummies really well so we can eat and be comfortable all we want! Arena of Clothes (AOC) is new! Visit them now!

Deluxcious Doll

Although we're not a fan of ruffles, we love and adore this top! We love the buttons, ruffles and of course, the fact that we're able to show a lil bit skin without being too over. Made from top quality cotton, worthwhile investment don't you think? You'll be able to pair it up with almost anything!

Fab Glam Chic

No princess is complete without her faithful mirrors! Fab Glam Chic offers a range of such dreamy mirrors can! Such detail and a lil bit ANNA-SUI inspired? :)