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Thursday, January 29, 2009


We apologize ever so deeply of our sudden and unexpected hiatus. A few unpleasant happenings occurred but no worries, we're back and we miss the shopping-sphere so much!

Style Me Hot

This shop disappeared but now they are totally back again with many chiffon-like goodies! Absolutely cool in our hot hot weather these days. They brought in a floral top which made us so tempted to get one for ourselves! Suitable for work (match in with a high waisted skirt) and play (shawty shorts!).

Apple Cabin

We all need our basic tops. One basic white-tee. Absolutely versatile with practically anything. A summer dress, high waisted skirts, shorts, jeans ohmygoodyness absolutely anything. And going at RM 18? *compared to the ones at TOPSHOP gahhhh!*

A FittingRoom Boutique

Florals! And in red too! So what if Chinese New Year is over? One thing we like about the colour red that it really compliments our skin colour well! No matter if you're fair or tanned! Teehee. Oooh, psst, we saw them selling a top exactly the same as a very well-known boutique in Bangsar and at half-the-price too!

Lady Like

They are having massive markdowns! Get more clothes with that angpao money of yours! Selling at RM35, love the blue shade and the simplistic designs! Perfect for that walk on a beach with sunnies!

Oooh, and not forgetting spaghetti straps with cartoon prints! Ditch the typical spag and get this! And it comes in 5 yummy colours! Love the black one especially!

Wear U Style

We fell in love with it! We love the sleeves and the detail at the neck! Plus, based on our observations, it'll look amazing with high waisted denim shorts. Only one piece per colour, eeek!


Last but definitely not least, a newbie! Love this top they brought in. It just looks so pretty and sweet! And in such ethereal white. Look closer and you'll see little blings at the straps!!! At RM 33, get yours now, there is only one left!

Once again, we LOVE heartkisseshugs feedback. Email us at cherichapsticks@gmail.com!

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