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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We have been addicted to manga! Ooooh, how geeky of us. ;)

Coco Goddess

They have brought in loads of updates! We personally love the knitted wear vest like item. Its so unique yet versatile enough to jazz up any outfit! Wear it with a dress, boyfriend shirt, long top, jeans, ohmycheri the possibilities are endless! Oh, we also spotted a very very very sweet kimono dress. Totally different from those simple, printed basic design ones? Have you looked at the frills at the bottom of a dress? Kimono yet, slightly cowgirl!

Orange Little

We love this piece! Heehee. We seem to be gone a bit western crazy lately. But this is absolutely Wild Wild West. A half jacket at the same time! Wear it a t-shirt, spag or tankies. *giggles* Or wear it just on its own at the clubs for that daredevil streak of yours!

We Heart Sundays

Wow. Wow, WOW! A leather yet futuristic jacket! It just screams the Veronicas! *The Veronicas is a rock band fyi* Be a lil daring and wear it with biker boots or gladiators. We love love love it!

Le Femme Fatale

Graphic Tees! Why bother dressing up when you can just throw this on with a pair of skinny jeans? You'll look absolutely chic! Pair it up with loadsa bangles and black eyeliner and you'll look awesome! Going at RM 25, snap it up now!

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