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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Oooh. The updates just keep coming, aren't they?

Avenue Boutique

They brought in Topshop-inspired goods! The first thing we always notice about e-shops are the casual goods. And girl, you'll love this casual outfit they brought in! A tunic with pockets just screams cute and casual to us!
Match it with a big buckle belt and some tights to a semiformal dinner!
A thin belt and Converse shoes for college and uni!
Or layer it (not recommended for our Malaysian weather though!) with a black turtleneck, black tights and boots for the chilling weather in Aussie!

Chamber of Fashion

They brought in CNY goods! We absolutely love the satin feel of this top. And whats more, its versatile too! Pair it with belts, sashes and even a vest for that punk look or just wear it on its own. And plus, postage is included too!

Belle Memoire

The first accessories review for TCC! Woot. We are so excited to introduce this pair of earrings. Appropriately labelled "Cute Unicorn Earrings", this is one pair which will make heads turn! Psst: Don't you adore the ribbons motif on the hoop?

Lush Serendipity

We love this. Elegant, sleek and have the curves at its appropriate places! Plus, the ribbon just adds in its charm! Suitable for work, play and everything else in between. This pair of shoes are going fast. Get one of your own now!

The Purple Polka Dot Shop

Owned by girls who just finished highschool, this shop is so fab! I love this All Strapped Up top in such serene blue! Perfect for a date with the boyfriend, tea with friends or mamak at night! Pair it up with shorts, skirts and jeans. Gosh the possibilities are endless! Visit them now for amazing CNY deals!

My Clothes Affair

This girl keeps the updates coming with amazing prices! Her wallets are selling like hot cakes. Why shouldn't it? Faux-croc leather just adds a touch of expensivity to the wallet. Oh yeah, and don't you get annoyed by some wallets that fold your notes automatically? Non-folding wallets! Go get one now!

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