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Friday, January 16, 2009

16/1/2009 Devilish

We're in a habit of scheduling our posts because we have our own personal lives. So, any e-shops featured will be e-mailed before hand as part of our policy. So blog-shop owners, please don't get freaked out when you:-

1. received an email from Cheri Chapsticks
2. go to http://cherichapsticks.blogspot.com
3. found out that you have not been reviewed

Okay, onforth to our next theme: Devilish!

Devilish- De-vil-ish
1. of, like, or befitting a devil; diabolical; fiendish.
2. extreme; very great: a devilish mess.
3. excessively; extremely: He's devilish proud.

Girls, we just love to be a bit cheeky at times, don't we? Miss Blogger here for instance, adores practical jokes and a bit of cheek to the boyfriend. Teehee. :)

White Corsage

We usually just browse through these kind of shops but we ADORE White Corsage. We totally love their style. :) We love the cropped jacket in cream! Absolutely biker-chic but at such a feminine colour. Oh and we adore their maroon off-shoulder as well. Personally, we despise purple clothes but maroon, that's a different story! Love the embellishment at the colour. Laidback designs we love 'em!

The Closette

Oh. Dresses! In two toned to! Love the simplicity. Love the thigh hugging hem! Hint: When a dress is elastic around the thighs, one is supposed to lift them slightly higher for that curvaceous effect! Show off those pretty legs with this number!

Phe-Lau-Wer Boutique

Only available in blue. This is the epitome of devilish! A shocking midnight blue with sequins to shine for that star in you! Wear it for clubs and dates at night to get that attention from everyone! Plus, the price has been reduced. EEK! Get yours now!

Loves, TCC.

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