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Thursday, January 15, 2009

15/1/2009 The Newbies

New shops are popping everywhere! The old shops sure have some new rockin' competition. Here is what TCC has to say about the newbies!

Smashin Mamboes

Metallic leggings are the craze these days. Its so hard for us to track down those which are still available! Most shops are sold out or reserved on these babies. They brought in treasure for their first item! We all heard of black metallic leggings but blue is brand new! Love the mystical blue colour!


They brought in belts and bags, mainly accessories so far but we're not complaining! We adore the big buckle and the sheer shiny shades of it! Totally gives us the cowboy vibes! Woot woot. Pair it with a Boyfriend Checkered shirt and say "Howdy"!

Definitely Fashion

We had to edit our post because this newbie was too good to miss out! We especially look forward to knitted wear because some of us will be going overseas and it'll be cold! Totally unique white-lined detail near the collar. Wear it with grey tights and ankle boots for that chic look like Caridee English!

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