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Friday, January 16, 2009

TCC Speaks

TCC wishes to thank everyone for their continuous support! We are absolutely overwhelmed by our received e-mails and unique visits. Teehee! However, beside just reviewing fashion and linking, TCC often addresses issues to e-shopping! So this will be our first word-only post. Do take the time to read it yea.

We came across many many many shops who advertise in other e-shop's chatboxes. Okay, we aren't saying there is anything wrong with that. Nonetheless, we noticed some e-shops advertise in other chatboxes but do not have any chatboxes on their own website. Isn't this a bit selfish? Plus, we personally saw a blogshop feud between Shop A and Shop B regarding this matter!

Apparently A advertised in B's chatbox and B advertise in A's chatbox. However, B deleted A's advertisement for no particular reason DESPITE advertising in A's chatbox.

Seriously, shop owners, is it too hard to just set up a chatbox for advertisements only? Please do not advertise on other people's chatbox and disallow any advertisement on your own blog. So hypocritical can?

Of course, many have taken the initiative to set up two separate chatbox (one for enquiries and one for adverts). We applaud you! Although occasionally, a message meant for one chatbox often transfers to the other for no particular reason. We have gone through many glitches ourselves trying to inform owners that they have been reviewed!

Oooh, bazaars galore this weekend! Yay!

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