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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cheri Chapsticks

Hello hello to all online shoppers!

We, Team Cheri Chapsticks (preferably known as TCC) are superduper glad to bring you an online shopping review blog! Yes, we know we are joining the bandwagon of reviews but we decided that we are such slaves to quality fashion that we had to review some of those amazing blogshops out there!

A note to blogshop owners: We are so looking forward to seeing all blogshops do well! So, please send us links and we'll be happy to review you!

We have been getting requests to advertise respective blogshops on our sidebars. TCC decided that the blogshop requests will be done for free in exchange of a lil publicity for TCC (such as putting up the TCC logo on blogshop!). We love to help e-shops in anyway possible. However, if the demand grows rapidly, we will charge a small fee.

Please email any feedback or complaints to our email: cherichapsticks@gmail.com! We'll appreciate it and always look forward to serve you better!


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