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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Dusky Wings

Clutches handbags are a girls bff! Dusky Wings has brought in this amazing lace wonder that are available in three yummy colours! Use it as a clutch, a handbag or a slingbag! OH, did we say what awesome price tag it has? We love to pair it up with a LBD for those clubbing nights! What are you waiting for? Get one now !

The Shoplifters

We have been seeing all those big bow tops but this one really takes the cake! The BatWing Pleated Lace is oh-so-gothic but we're loving it! We enjoy showing our dark side from time to time. Pair it up with loads of bangles and skinnies and you're good to go!


Fashionistas has predicted that the colours for 2009 will be green and yellow! And the best thing of this dress is ITS BOTH! Dorned in a gorgeous unique colour LIME, this outfit is suitable for a dress for the petites! If you're a bit taller, than pair it up with some leggings and you'll look so yummy! Psst: Did we mention the price it is at? Check it out!

Glittery Glam

We adore animal prints but only if its fake of course! *we are animal-lovers* But wait, look a lil closer and you realize that there are some floral prints too! How exquisite squeals! Wear this without feeling TOO femme fatale and a bit more girl-next-door with a twist. Suitable for a day on a beach or a night sparkly event with a black clutch and heels! And its affordable too!

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