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Thursday, January 15, 2009

15/1/2009 College Conscious Part 1

Are you in university or college? Are you depressed over your horrific timetable where you have to wake up at the crack of dawn, put on clothes and rush your way out to avoid the traffic jam or being late for class?

TCC, having experienced such trauma and discomfort ourselves, have decided to address this matter with a few recommendations of clothes to pick out when you're still half-asleep!

The number one rule of Uni-dressing ;). We do not fancy being stuck in an itchy, body hugging and breath squeezing outfit all day! Pick an outfit which gives you comfort and you'll feel at ease all day! We suggests any kind of clothes actually!

A Fashion Obsession

They are so in love with basics Tees and we are too! Easy to match with shorts, skirts, jeans. You can even buy two of them to layer on top with each other, though it is not recommended if you're not in an air-conditioned room. :)

For a chillier environment, TCC suggests hoodies and cardigans!


We prefer hoodies when we're feeling a lil low key. ABLINC offers this long pullover hoodie that are available in two sweet colours! Sweet pink and white! The two connected pockets totally reminds us of Chad Micheal Murray in One Tree Hill. Teehee! Petites can wear it as a dress too!

Button My Buttons

To add a bit punk in your fashion, opt of these hoodies! These hoodies are personally designed by
Miss Shahida Shariff. Designer goods eeeek! Support our Malaysian designers, yo! Unicorn themed and available in navy blue and black! Different from our practical hoodies. :)

Cardigans however, is a different story. It is so convenient stuffing it in our bag when it gets hot and wearing it on when it gets cold!

Bimbs Wardrobe

We are shocked and completely appalled to see that these cardigans have not been sold out yet! It looks absolutely scrumptious in the colours they are available in! Going at RM30? Unheard of! Fashion and great price oooooh!

More updates about our College Conscious coming soon!

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