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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14/1/209 we <3 prints!

Here at Cheri Chapsticks, we prioritize simplicity, elegance and minimalism. Of course, we always love to let our hair down once in a while by indulging ourselves in a galore of prints!

Sugar Dressing

Kimono craze is totally in now! Girls just love the flattering cut of the kimono which hides our flabby arms and stomachs and emphasizes on our cleavage! Teehee. Sugar Dressing has brought a whole new range of printed kimonos. One will absocherilutely look like a Japanese girl! We're a teensy weensy bit bored with plain colored kimonos. So, don't be ordinary and get yours now!

Bunny Noo

We reckon tights, leggings etc etc will be taking over jeans soon! Comfort and fashion! Teehee. Lookie at what we feature! OH. PLAID TIGHTS. We love 'em! Wear it with a black tunic, with a dress etc etc. It'll make you an instant fashionista! We advice you to match this with caution to avoid looking a lil bit too daggy!


Shoes. Oh, they brought in this delicious you'll-want-them-when-you-see-em heels!!! Absolutely funky and sexy at the same time. Perfect for outings, dinner, clubs, you name it! I personally love the white one. Doesn't it remind you of candy? Limited sizes available! Going at RM55, cheap!


We newly discovered this e-shop! Woohoo! Their first batch introduces many designs of shorts! Whether you're more of the conservative preppy girl who loves above the knee shorts or the girl who loves showing off those gorgeous legs, there is always something for you! All shorts are going cheap with their CNY Sales!

Daisy Deariesx

Absolutely perfect for our Malaysian weather and summer overseas! Get rid of those overpriced surf branded board shorts and get one of these! Printed with flowers and such sweet colours make us think of Hawaii doesn't it? Going at RM30, its a steal!

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