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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sorry dearies for the lack of updates yesterday!

However, before we start on our basic reviews, we would like to inform everyone of our decision to change our LINKING BUTTON! Due to certain similarities with an e-shop, we think it is best if we placed a disclaimer at the top. CHERI CHAPSTICKS is 100% have no relations with any e-shops.

Furthermore, the acronym TCC (used to stand as Team Cheri Chapsticks) will no longer be used due to various reasons. We shall no longer talk in plural forms. And instead, we are now called *singular* VIOLET. (We understand its a lame name but we had no time to think of a nice one!)

So, please read the disclaimer before commenting in our e-mail. :)

Bag Lovers

Currently, its my favourite store for bags! Imported bags from overseas that are ready in stock. I love those extra special bags you don't see anywhere. Plus, reading those awesome past buyers comments totally reassures me. :) I love how the owners restock bags of all sizes to suit their customers needs and desires. Most of their stock is usually snapped away quickly! Get your favourite now to avoid disappointment. Sorry for the small pictures though!

A Model Xcess

I love the quilted material of the bag! And who can forget the ying yang colours! Extremely suitable for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-like girls who enjoys stuffing every single necessity inside. This is the bag for you! And at such a cheap price, oh, a steal!

Oooh, its my turn to review the Absolute Bazaar! Loved it super duper much. Such cheap bargains anyway. However, due to heehee financial difficulties, I only managed to get a handbag from Dandelion Kisses and a skirt from Dressing Lab!

Thank you, Dandelion Kisses and Dressing Lab!

Picture of our new baby skirt from Dressing Lab! We wanted to find a picture of the bag we got from Dandelion Kisses but we failed. :(

Much love, from VIOLET.

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