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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14/1/2009 The lil miss formal

The Kittencake Shop

We absolutely love shops that takes the effort to decorate their blogs and stuff such as The Kittencake Shop! Don't you feel like you're almost walking in to a boutique? This top here is so totally chic! A casual top with a lil formal twist to it at the ruffles! Totally appropriate for work or our uni/college presentation days!

The Dressy Dresser

The sold out skirt is now restocked! I personally love satin black high waisted skirts (I have two already!). This skirt not only elongates your figure but also emphasize your waist! Doesn't this skirt feel so Blair-Waldorf? Our suggestion is to pair it up with a formal shirt and a cute headband and kazam! You'll look like those Gossip Girl chicks!

Brown Sugar Addict

Doesn't this dress look familiar? Topshop has been coming out with these dresses and guess what, you can get an awesome piece for yourself at just a fraction of the price! Imported from Korea, this dress certainly gives the chiffon fairy feel! Wear this and be glamorous! Only two colours left! Hurry!

Soak Republic

We love love love their lovely unique one-of-a-kind accessories! Look at their latest release! Labelled as A Princess Diary, their new collection is all about royalty and elegance! We love this piece. Shoes and bags! EEEK, plus doesn't the shoe and the bag look a lil Louis Vuitton-inspired? Its going quick, girls! *Miss Blogger here is very tempted to get one for herself!*

Look forward for more updates later tonight!



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