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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Our new logo is up! Without the TCC as stated earlier. All those blogs who have linked us, please relink us back! Sorry for any inconvenience!


I love the black sequins at the bust. Totally formal, clubby and delicious at the same time, don't you think? Oooh, we love the magic versatility of this one. Suitable as a dress and a top too! And we girls, we love multi-functional tops especially this little number! If you're looking for an LBD, this is for you!

Dolce Vita

Corsets!!! I love the way corsets always change the way your whole body look. Narrows your waist, vanishes your stomach and *giggles* enhance your bust! Absolutely suitable for the naughty cheeky girls can?

Cat In A Bowl

I was lucky to catch her on time! Her stuff usually sells like hot cakes! She updated with Chinese New Year inspired goodies! I adore all her classics cheong sams which are so unique and so appropriate for our upcoming festival. And this tube dress, that is one dress you don't see everyday! *giggles* Visit Cat In A Bowl now before it all gets snapped away!


*Note: this site sells pre-owned items* Love the batwing sleeves. Love the colour black. Love the swishy swishy dream-like movements you'll make when you wear this number!

VIOLET is bushed from all the non-stop activity and drama this weeked. Phew!

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